Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Adios Diego

Confirmation today that Diego Poyet has refused a contract extension. After 20 games for Charlton Athletic which won him the Player of the Year accolade, he has decided his future lies elsewhere. I am very disappointed by this but not at all surprised. His father is very well qualified to give career advice and they have obviously decided his progression in the game will be better served at a bigger club. 

I am guessing they have a deal with a Premier League side in the offing and that it will be one who might expect to accommodate him in their first team. Hate to even think about it but Palace would be the sort of move which would give him the opportunity, the money and minimum personal disruption. 

When will we see his likes again?


Anonymous said...

I also thought his move was inevatable but I'd never in my wildest dreams considered that it might be Palace but I don't think he is a Pullis type of player, Swansea maybe or even Everton, if it's Palace I will definitely blub.


Anonymous said...

We've seen the likes of Diego before and we'll see the likes of him again.
I'm disappointed but not surprised. I fully expect him to do a 'Scott Parker' now.