Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Dervite to Bolton? D'Oh!

Can't make any sense of the news that Dorian Dervite could be heading up north to Bolton.

Dervite has had his best season with us yet, finishing as first choice alongside Morro in the heart of the defence. He is only 25 and has his best years yet to come. It's not hard to see him making the top grade. He's not on the big old wages and the prospect of moving can't be a big draw?

To add to that, last time I looked Bolton were still being milked by Premier-League has-beens and were in debt to the tune of £160m+. Yes, over ten times the price Roland spent on acquiring the Capital's best-value football club. Can they really afford much bigger wages than us and what would it say for our ambitions? A player as good and with as much potential as Dervite would, er, cost us and presumably the wages would match? If the plan is to bring in another "free" transfer/low wage replacement, it won't look like were are serious about about building on the spirit within our existing squad and retaining tried and tested players who we know can do the job.

If you add the failure to re-sign Morrison thus far and the rumoured exit of the competent Wood and Cort, we could find ourselves starting next season with a completely new central defence. That's a big risk in my humble opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Been working away and have had no mobile signal or Internet connection, so just trying to catch up with Addicks news.

I think we all new that this was going to be a very telling close season and until things are actually done and dusted it's hard to comment on speculation/rumour.

It is a concern (to say the least) if our defence is broken up completely, the one area that actually saved us from relegation (IMO), to start the new season with a new defence would have obvious consequences but I suppose we are going to learn over the coming weeks RD"s vision and plan.