Saturday, 24 May 2014

C'mon Derby!

Nothing much went right for Charlton fans this season. Yes, we maintained our Championship status but that was the bones of it. It was another miserable season as a regular - ten home defeats and only three more points garnered at the Valley than on our travels. Invariably falling behind in games, rarely managing to play in both halves of the match and having to watch a squad of triers competing against what were, by and large, better opposition. We also had to suffer the ridicule of the state of our pitch which also managed to ruin several match-days on it's own.

The Con Club closed and, whilst it was hardly a great drinking venue, it further diluted matchday options for a pint. If you add the opening-closing-opening White Swan, the matchday experience was also poorer this season. The 'best hot-dogs in the world' on the concourse behind the East wasn't quite enough to retrieve the situation.

Beyond our own shortcomings, we had to suffer a miraculous Palace turnaround under Pulis and watch Millwall scramble to safety too. There was little comfort for Addick fans and today we have the last throw of the dice. QPR, that little club from West London whom we once aspired to be like, have the Championship Play-Off final and are within 90 minutes of justifying the ridiculous sum of money that has been poured into them over the last few season. Tony Fernandes and his board have made a mockery of Financial Fair Play and Harry Redknapp has squandered tens of millions on a type of player I can't abide - nearly men mercenaries. They let their fans down big time last year when failing to compete in the PL and this year they have only done enough to make the play-offs. 

Sorry Rangers-fans but as Kevin Keegan would say, I would love to see you blow it today. Whatever happens, Derby were a better side than you this year and they deserve promotion.

On a lighter note, we may have reduced our playing squad to five-a-side proportions in the last week and let the best development coach we may have ever had leave, but I am pleased to tell you than money has been spent on red paint and the club crest on the back of the Covered End has been restored to vibrant red. 


ChicagoAddick said...

Sometimes it's the little things and the crest looks great. Although I'm still gutted about the closure of the best hot dogs this side of Belgium!

Anonymous said...

Gutted for Derby, I've never liked QPR, don't ask me why, I don't really have a reason, mind you, I always disliked Rodney Marsh and Loftus Rd and I absolutely loathe Redknapp, I lay the problems at Pompey squarely at his door..