Tuesday, 27 May 2014

"Bumbling along" - 12 hours later

A day can be a long time in the world of the Blogger. 

This morning I commented that Rich Cawley appeared to get all the scoops these days for the South London Press. Well he did it again today with the low-down from now redundant Alex Dyer -a scanned copy can be read here courtesy of Chicago Addick. I also said that I thought it a bit odd that Jose Riga hadn't been given another network job and that Bob Peeters was instead being lined-up in a move that looked high risk when a low risk alternative was obvious and which would have gone down reasonably well with the fans and the remaining players. What Alex had to say in defence of Chris Powell was predictable but he's said it nonetheless - Duchatelet pressured him to play to play the network loanees. However, what he said about Jose Riga was far less predictable. Jose was also pressured by the owner but also stood his ground. 

Roland Duchatelet doesn't emerge with too much credit from this tale although Jose Riga goes up another notch in my estimation. Rich Cawley might find his Charlton scoops harder to come-by but good on him for giving Alex Dyer the chance to have his say.

News this evening too, that we have made our first signing of the close season. Chris O'Grady, a 28 year old striker from Barnsley has apparently been signed for a reported £500,000 and might just fill one of the gaps I mentioned. His track record suggests he's a gamble for that fee but with 15 goals for the Tykes last season, he could just prove the make-weight if we can find a bigger hitter to partner him upfront. Just who, I wonder, has identified O'Grady? Presumably not Bob Peeters or the 'keyboard scouts' lambasted by Dyer in the same article. O'Grady isn't a network soft option and his signing must be recorded on Duchatelet's log book on the ambitious side of the line.

Finally, I spotted the following mountains of sand and earth in the Valley car park today. The sand is obviously new and will aid drainage and the earth will, presumably, be re-used once they have shifted the hardcore from it!

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