Sunday, 4 May 2014

Blackpool 0 v Charlton Athletic 3

A surprising end to the season. With B'pool desperate for a point and our boys in holiday mood, my money was on a home win or a draw at best. A poor first-half reduced it effectively to a forty-five minute contest and Callum Harriott finished a hat-trick of opportunities presented by fellow strikers, Sordell, Obika and then Pigott to give the 1500 party-going Addicks the perfect last-match tonic.

Seeing the pictures and the posts from those on it gave me a slight moment of regret for not having made the effort. Some had gone with partners and others in fancy dress (the two Jose Riga's were the winners). All seem to have had at least one night on the town and many both Friday and Saturday given the early kick-off.

The bonhomie extended to singing Jose Riga's name and he must have been touched by the two fans wearing matching silver suits and grey wigs who greeted him off the coach. I've no doubt he also enjoyed the "he's only got one suit" chant. I get the impression Jose would very much like the job on a full-time basis but that his agreement with Roland thus far doesn't extend to that. Rumours suggest he will step down and coach the youth. If that was the agreement and he has changed his mind, then perhaps staying on as first-team coach isn't out-of-the-question. 

Riga has been completely professional with what he has said since taking the job on. He was very relaxed, in a typical Dutch way, about his contractual arrangement and he has deflected longer-term questions at the expense of the immediacy and importance of the task in hand. It was interesting to hear him say he was enjoying living in England and that the club has a bright future. Maybe I am reading too much into that but he deserves a go if he fancies it. 

We all deserve a break after this season but I am hoping for a busy Summer and the action that shows Roland Duchatelet's commitment to making us a truly competitive side next season. 


Anonymous said...

JR is Belgian Dave :)

Dave said...


Tony said...

Quite a dump in daylight, but the town comes alive at night. Great weekend and hangover to prove it.
Like you, never fancied us to get a result, especially after watching the first half.
Spoke to a few of their supporters after the game, they would gladly swap owners with us.

Dave said...

Tony - yes its alk gone bandy up there with the Oyston's. "Son of the rapist" is taking fans to court. PR disaster.