Saturday, 5 April 2014

I've joined the Moonies and have been amazed

Back in September I had to have a grumble about Apple's lack of innovation and product diversity. It may have taken me fully six months but I have this upgraded to 4G network capability and changed my handset in the process. 

News that Apple's i-Phone 6 won't be out until September (in the US) and that a larger version - that I want and need - may not follow until later was the final straw. Earlier this week I acquired a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and have switched my i-Phone off.

I have spent a couple of hours each night this week getting accustomed to my new device and, frankly, am astonished by it. It isn't the robust glass and steel of Apple but that would appear to be it's only loss of points to the West Coast giant. So far I have managed to replicate everything I could do with my i-Phone but there is masses more I have yet to look at on the Note 3. Practically everything on it is hugely more capable and powerful than the i-Phone. The camera will get tested this weekend but it looks to do nearly as much as my SLR.

I haven't started with the S-Pen yet (picture) but that looks like it adds a whole new layer of capability and is where the device gets it's name from. Some people aren't keen on the size of it but I have to say it already looks and feels normal after five days. I do have big hands which probably helps but the Note 3 also includes a function that will reduce the size of the layout on the phone and shift it left or right for people with smaller hands so they can continue to operate it one-handed! They really do appear to have thought of everything and packed it in. Given the range of devices Samsung produce, let alone the range of products, it really is amazing what they are able to do. Apple really need a giant technology leap with the i-Phone 6 or they may find themselves falling to Earth as quickly as they took off.

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