Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Charlton Athletic 3 v Watford 1

Home late after a few celebratory Stella's in the Royal Oak. Palpable relief that we don't have to sweat it out at Blackpool and maybe a little confidence that we may have turned the corner as a club, although there remains a lot of work and commitment from the new owner before I will be satisfied of that. Relegation would have tested my lifelong resolve.

Finally this evening we saw Jose Riga listen to the fans and play Wilson in front of Solly and that gave us the third and match-killing goal. Otherwise it was a predictable enough line-up and a side good enough to put Watford away under normal circumstances, let alone with them having finished their season. Having said that, Watford can't be accused of not trying this evening. They were physical and committed and could have had Belkalem sent off to join Riera who went for a high tackle on Diego Poyet in the second-half. 

Callum Harriott opened the scoring in the 22nd minute with a low and hard shot after he had run out of passing options. It was ironic in many ways because he has been reluctant to shoot in recent weeks given his loss of confidence. The goal seemed to give him an extra jet and he was buzzing after that. Watford had stood up pretty well until the goal and they continued after that and can count themselves unfortunate not to have levelled before half-time. They were getting too much time in their defensive half of midfield and they were committing men forward in support of Troy Deeney who played like a man possessed. Their best chance saw Ben Hamer somehow touch an effort from the middle of the goal on the goal-line onto the post and bar before we scrambled it clear. 

After the break they pressed on and it was no great surpass when Deeney finally thundered home a dipping shot off the bar having flicked on for himself. It was a quality strike and it silenced the Valley. In the East we had already had to witness a fellow fan assisted to an ambulance after being taken ill following our goal. I can only guess but chest pains might have been the issue. It put the concourse, toilets and refreshments out of reach during half-time whilst an ambulance took care of him (hopefully he is fine). For a few minutes it looked like we might be about to throw in the towel, but we held our nerve and played football. Suddenly we were attacking down the left and a low pass into the centre found the stretching Jackson who took a lungeing touch to control it before flicking home with his second. It was a classic Johnnie Jackson goal and it changed the game. 

Eight minutes later and Wilson broke down the left. He moved infield and looked up to see two red shirts breaking into the box. He ignored the furthest forward and bent in a bouncing cross which reached the second player 15 yards out at the back of box. Brimming with confidence after his opener, Callum Harriott hammered home across goal to send the Valley into raptures.

After that it was just a matter of time, although Watford managed to earn a red card and were lucky to avoid a second. The pub talk was all about Yann Kermorgant and the possibilities of the last day.....


801912601 said...

Excellent post and it has been good to have a day at work with other happy Charlton fans (the exch had no black cloud over it for a change). Will be an interesting few months seeing which players stay, go and come in but lets hope we have a better season next year. Should be an interesting atmosphere in the East when it all starts again with a full A block. Looking forward to the fixtures and a couple of boat trips minimum (Brentford & Fulham) and possibly a third to QPR.

Dave said...

Glad to hear it Barry. Interesting few months indeed. My final wish for the season is that QPR blow it. Ari-Boy will be down the road and they will face the FFP penalty they deserve.

Geoff said...

How do you get a boat to Loftus Rd - Grand Union and walk down Scrubs Lane? Arry'll probably be running the boat service!

One good thing. If Jose doesn't get another contract, whatever you think of Roland and Katrine, they're unlikely to be conned by Arry, once he's had the tin-tack from Rangers.

Enjoy your Summer, Dave.

ChicagoAddick said...

If we can have a wish list now we are sorted it would contain:

1) Millwall relegated by a Kermorgant hat trick
2) QPR fall on their faces
3) Fulham go down
4) Orient come up
5) Arsenal win the league as I had big money on it*

*Appreciate this is unlikely to happen :-)