Monday, 24 March 2014

South-East London triple relegation?

Consumed with our own relegation battle, we are intimately familiar with the plight of our nearest and not-so-dearest Lions. Their fatalistically honest fans are ready to accept they are down. Our own fans live in hope but it's looking increasingly likely we could join them given our inability to threaten opposing defences.

However, in the midst of all this you might have forgotten about the Eagles, especially after "never-been-relegated Pulis" took them clear with a succession of 1-0 victories. I couldn't help taking a gander at their run-in. Four at home and four away. The homes are against Chelsea, Aston Villa, Man City and Liverpool. Ouch. Away things look better on paper but they have three potential six pointers amidst Cardiff, Everton, West Ham and Fulham. Ouch.

Crowing in South-East London may well be a rare thing this Summer.

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