Monday, 17 March 2014

Duchatelet steps up - Obika joins

I suppose I have to thank Roland Duchatelet for reading my blog since he took over and finally taking the hint about the wisdom of strengthening our goal-scoring options having weakened what was the division's lower scoring strike force in January by selling our top scorer. If that sounds ungrateful, then I'd like to make it clear that I am very pleased with this move, even if it's a few months late. If it took Jose Riga to make the point to M Duchatelet, then he too is owed a thank you. It might just prove to be enough to preserve our Championship status and save Roland some money and some time in the long run.

Regular readers will know I am not enamoured with a club model that could mean better players leaving us for other sides in the stable without our club benefitting in full and that the crumbs from the table of the others clubs in return are unlikely to engender a strong belief that the owner has high ambitions for Charlton Athletic. I've been watching my club by-and-large underachieve for the best part of 40 years. I've watch us sell our best players and I know our place in the world but there has always been hope and some form of ambition. If it transpires those ultimately in charge of our Club are ever content for it to simply exist and that it was used to the benefit of other clubs, then it would be game over for me.

Today, however, in spite of what has been said by both M Duchatelet and by his man at Standard Liege, none of our players have been moved to another of his clubs. Equally, the two Charlton players he sold were on expiring contracts and he has been honest about wanting to balance the books. The four who came in haven't yet established themselves in the side, although only the goalkeeper has looked well out-of-his-depth. Asdarevic looks competent and Reza may well find his range although it's become very clear we can't afford to wait. Today's move shows a commitment to try and avoid relegation and in Obika they have secured a player Chris Powell couldn't afford pre-season and whom I suspect he asked for back in January. Chris will be smiling wryly this evening.

In my minds' eye Jonathan Obika is the real deal but we should remind ourselves he only scored three goals during eleven matches last season. We may need more from him between now and Blackpool but we may need to be patient. Perhaps even to wait until the second-half tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

How devisive is that? Wry smile? I'd be spitting feathers - actually I am. But I'm desperate for us to stay up so have to treat it as good news.