Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Like the 5,300 golden ticket holders, I am increasingly looking forward to 90 minutes of escapism at Bramall Lane on Sunday. A chance for history in my lifetime and what could prove to be a buzzing month before a Wembley semi.

Strange then that there is is much collective angst this week around the BBC's Late Night Football football show's focus on the Roland Duchatelet takeover and what it may mean for supporters of the famous Charlton Athletic. I was going to indulge myself at length this morning but see that my good friend Chicago Addick has beaten me to and bettered what I was going to say in any event.

The only thing to add from my perspective is that the consequences of us hearing what might be some unpalatable truths and perhaps some expectation setting, may be magnified or diminished by the outcome of Sunday's Cup match. The effect on our league standing could be significant one way or the other. 

I have said before that the contract situation within the camp will tell before the end of the season and I have been increasingly impressed that Chris Powell has kept personal and collective focus. If we were to lose on Sunday that might be sorely tested in the coming weeks.

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