Thursday, 20 February 2014

The power is in your hands Chris

I haven't read or heard any blow-by-blow account of today's big Duchatelet press conference but it seems to have been fairly predictable. The news that Chris Powell is in contract negotiations with the new owner is the hot news and it would appear from the gallery images on the OS that Chris partook in the event. That all seems grand and Chris has cancelled a scheduled Supporters evening to continue discussions. As Paddy McGuinness would say, "the power is in your hands now Chris."

The obvious other spot was a delightful image of Katrien Meire. I can't download it off the OS site so have found another, although it doesn't do her justice. She really is a striking lady and cuts an impressive figure. Brains and beauty!

I also have to say that I like Roland's yellowing teeth. So refreshing to see a man of means who is so comfortable in his own skin that he has avoided the obvious temptation for a set of impossibly white veneers. 

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