Monday, 27 January 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Millwall….

So, everyone is pissed-off that we have drawn Sheffield Bloody Wednesday away in the 5th Round of the Cup with so many other Premier League sides still in the draw. I wasn't exactly hollering myself but it does at least fit the bill of a winnable tie. 

My phone bleeped within seconds of the draw and it was a good Millwall mate of mine who said that I must be pleased with the draw and that our run was beginning to look a lot like Millwall's that took them to the Cup final ten years ago. 

On reflection, he may have a point. That year they beat Walsall, Telford and Burnley before drawing Tranmere in the 6th Round. They took two goes to dispose of Tranny and then drew their first higher league opposition in the shape of Sunderland. It's entirely possible that the winner of our match-up with the Massives may be the only non-PL opposition left in the competition although I suspect the odds will favour a second side from outside the top flight making it through. If we can see Wednesday off, my guess is we will all be praying for that other side in the Quarters and not one of the winners of the Arsenal V Liverpool or Citeh v Chelsea clashes.

So, how about a draw at Hillsborough and a big Valley gate to see them off under floodlight? Our mud patch might yet come into it's own this season if it handed us an advantage in a Quarter-final cup round. 

I was planning a quiet weekend on 15th as it falls between 6 Nations matches in Edinburgh and Rome. Now I have to be there to cheer the Addicks on just in case this is the year, just like the Lions back in 2004.

Now the Counting your Chickens bit and tempting of fate; the 6th Round is on the 8th March (Watford at home - I am booked at Murrayfield) although we would probably be the centre of attention by then as the lowest league opposition left in and the might move us to the Sunday. The Semi's would be the 12th and 13th April (Brighton away)…

"We're the famous Charlton Athletic and we're going to Wemberlee!"


Anonymous said...

Millwalll didn't play a higher league side until the Final. Sunderland were a Championship team placed just below the Lions at the time of the Semi. Millwall dropped like a stone after the Semi with thoughts of the Final.

Anonymous said...

Sunderland were championship too, only prem team Millwall played was Manure/