Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Slow week

It's only Tuesday but it feels like Thursday - slow week. 

No news on the saviour front as we recover from dropping two points on Saturday down in Somerset and brace ourselves for the arrival of the Championship's in-form side in Derby County. I'm a bit disillusioned with the Addicks at the moment and suspect it will be a case of a Huge High or Massive Low during the course of the next month or so when it should become clear if we are to get new owners who increase our prospects or do not and get further embroiled in a deadly relegation battle.

I am trying to be positive because of the undoubted interest of third parties and  the fact that we remain a relative catch. However, if it doesn't happen in time to take advantage of the January window, you have to assume any prospective buyers will bide their time and without urgent investment we will run relegation close. A return to League One would likely see us lose our best out-of-contract players and that could, literally, rip the spine out of the side. I also think we would start next season with a new manager in League One and risk the pain again of another managerial merry-go-round. Administration would also rear it's head again without new money and the prospect of starting next season with a points deduction.

As if to top the mood off, we have been drawn at home in the F A Cup to League Two, Oxford United. I don't suppose their fans are exactly shouting from the rooftops either but if they do a bit of research, they should see they have won a golden giant killing ticket in the raffle. By rights they should start favourites in a game that will probably feel nothing like an F A Cup tie. I am guessing it will be the lowest home F A Cup gate for decades and our club can have few complaints having firmly established a "League-First" approach to cup football in recent years. It could be the first F A Cup home match I don't bother with since I started going to homes matches regularly 40 years ago. Bah Humbug!

On a more positive front, I am completely hooked on crystal meth Breaking Bad. I took advantage of Netflix's free-for-a-month offer and have managed 20-odd hours in the last fortnight and will finish all 61 episodes before month-end at this rate. It really is compulsive viewing. The storyline is brilliantly conceived, the acting top notch and the filming superbly done. I just hope the Addicks manage a recovery before I've finished the series to lift the mood!


Hungry Ted said...

Have to say, I'm not feeling too optimistic about the Addicks myself, Dave. It seems like every single hallmark of a relegation season has reared its ugly head already, from those terribly unlucky moments to wasted opportunities and the downright frustrating. We already have a dozen crucial moments we may well look back on with huge regret; last Saturday’s dramatic collapse the biggest yet.

It’s obvious the team needs investment and I can’t see that happening any time soon. I’m not expecting any ‘BREAKING NEWS’ regarding new ownership any time soon, either. I don’t like to be this negative, but given our awful home form, I’m bracing myself for the worst.

Naturally I would love nothing more than to be proved wrong.

Cafca said...

Yeah! Sadly, I think relegation is a very real possibility & C.P will pay the price.

I do feel for him given the dearth of talent(at this level)at his disposal but, I also think there has been a failure of imagination & he & his coaching staff must take their share of the blame for that.

There are players in certain positions who are simply going through the motions knowing that they'll continue to be selected anyway;others (who deserve better) inexplicably fail to get a look in.

Schlepping up to Tranmere & Carlisle has limited appeal but we may well be staring it in the face.