Monday, 30 December 2013

Mud and Parrish

Sheffield Wednesday's stand-in manager, Stuart Gray, made a good point after seeing his side take one on the Valley quagmire. He said that if we had seen a minute's rain then the game would have been called off. That might be an exaggeration but the pitch wouldn't have withstood a twenty minute downpour. As it was there were obvious signs that Paddy Powell and his ground-staff had spent a lot of time trying to improve the drainage prior to the match - there were lines running back and forth scarring the pitch and there was less grass than ever.

I have been out with my dog in the pouring rain this morning and the forecast is for plenty more before Saturday. My bet at this point is that our F A Cup 3rd Round tie against Oxford United will be postponed to a night game.

Back to Sunday's disappointing draw and as I stood, pint in hand, outside the Rose of Denmark waiting on my step-brother's boy to be dropped off, I could hardly miss the yellow Ferrari that roared passed in the direction of Woolwich. I spotted the number plate "CEO 4 TAG" and guessed it was the previous CEO of Tag, Steve Parrish, co-owner of Crystal Palace. Bit of a coincidence seeing him headed our way on a match day and I was sure he wasn't returning a coat he bought in Woolwich's Covered Market prior to Christmas.

It has subsequently been confirmed that it was indeed Parrish and that he watched the match along with his manager, Tony Pulis. It's good to support local football (I am thinking of getting over the hill to Welling v Dartford on New Year's Day - 12.30) but I fear the visitors may have been on a scouting trip. I will hope it was to watch Connor Wickham but perhaps they were looking at Jordan Cousins and hoping to see Wiggins or Solly? If that's the case, then I feel slightly better about Solly having been rested and Wiggins getting the day off to be with his expectant Missus.

Raiding your local rivals for their best players is a good move when you have the money and they don't. You can pick up a bargain with minimal disruption and help build the case that you are a better and bigger club. Palace have a had a good record of getting value from the few players they have poached from us over the years (Ambrose and McCarthy more recently) but I really hope we don't lose anyone to them at this point in time as it could have catastrophic consequences given our fragile league standing. 


Anonymous said...

Pity you weren't standing outside the Royal Oak five minutes later, as Parish's Ferrari drove over the speed bumps creating a loud grinding noise and a cheer from myself and son as it did so.
I confess i didn't realise it was him at the time. But it makes it all the more enjoyable now :)


Dave said...

Daggs - excellent! I am guessing he didn't get to turn right into Harvey Gardens and had to head for Floyd Road because I saw him turning left by the Anti just after 2.30 as I was walking up. I'm guessing he avoided the Ferrari trap on the way back to the Lower Road?

Best wishes for New Year.