Sunday, 24 November 2013

QPR 1 v Charlton Athletic 0

Busy non-footballing weekend for me. I decided long ago that I wasn't going to bother with that crappy set-up in West London. Ridiculously undermanned turnstiles, poor inadequate view and a home banker to boot. I made other plans and didn't even try Rubbish Player. 

I plumped for 1-0 before kick-off on the basis that the R's had managed five of them so far this season and we were unlikely to trouble their net. Once Charlie Austin opened the scoring towards half-time, I took the dog out for a walk confident that was it. On reflection we appear to have made a decent fist of it if we were again short on goal threat. 

The focus this weekend has again been the ongoing takeover talk. I walked into the Rose of Denmark on Saturday for a pint before picking up a card for Mrs Peeps birthday. Almost immediately I was informed that we had been taken over and that there had been a delegation at the ground at 7am. I laughed this off but several at the bar were also aware and I then asked who had taken us on. "HSBC" was the answer which caused me to break into laughter. I did do a sneaky check on the OS though just in case.

No more real news on that since the latest placed piece including an £18m price in Friday's SLP. The fever on Charlton Life (and Into the Valley) would suggest that just about everyone is linking a takeover with a move away from the Valley. The Greenwich Peninsula story and the plans including a space for sports arena (albeit a nominal 10k open air effort) are causing many to join the dots, but I will believe it when I see it. What's bleeding obvious is that we need the shot in the arm we should get from new ownership. The manger and key players should get their futures sorted fairly quickly and we might even get a couple of quality strikers we need in January. 

Having failed to re-enter the rearranged Doncaster match in my calendar, I had forgotten I will be there on Tuesday evening. Donny should come with a purpose having been leading by two goals when the first game was abandoned. However,  I said at the time that Sod's Law almost decrees that we will beat them in the replay. We need the points or we will be well and truly back in a relegation battle. What we really do not need is new ownership and League One football.

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