Friday, 22 November 2013

Powell speaks out about *uncertainty*

If there are any doubters remaining about the ludicrous contractual situation at the Valley, then Chris Powell has said it in a piece to the BBC. The current situation is causing uncertainty within the squad.

Chris goes on to say that it won't affect performances. He is the manager and works with a professional squad of players so I wouldn't expect him to say otherwise. Bottom-line is, imagine how you would feel if your contract of employment had a stop date and you were outside the normal renegotiation period? Players know that if they are not going to be retained, then clubs don't negotiate new deals early. They also know, and more importantly, so do their Agents, that their value as a transfer asset depreciates rapidly towards the end of their contract and whilst this represents a risk for their clubs, it is an opportunity for them to negotiate better terms with a new club.

Due Diligence with a new prospective owners may have forced Jiminez's hand since the Summer and that may continue to be an obstacle right now given this weeks' rumour. However, he needs to act in the best interests of the Club at some point and that includes prospective new owners.New deals invariably come with improved terms and most of those awaiting new deals will be on League One contracts and will expect to be paid fully as Championship players.

To quote the bloke behind me, "sort it out Jiminez!"

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