Monday, 18 November 2013

"I like managing here…"

The words of Chris Powell as picked up by Richard Cawley of the South London Press.  Powell goes on to speak of his interest in getting his contractual situation sorted out soon and speaks of the importance of that so that key members of the squad and management team whose contracts also expire in June know where they stand with their manager and, presumably, would be more ready to commit themselves.

After the speculation amongst fans during the Summer that we risked losing key members of our squad given so many of them are out-of-contract next June, this looks very much like a prompt from the gaffer to the Board. He says "of course I'd like to stay," which immediately opens the prospect that he is even considering the possibility of not being here. It's natural that he would do that but this is the first time he has raised the subject and our manager is usually very careful with what he says and knows that he needs to choose his words carefully.

Powell speaks of loyalty too, and having acknowledged the management opportunity he has been given at the Valley, he says he would be keen to repay that loyalty. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say something Mr Protheroe. Go on, get it done. With key players to follow, we might just find a little bounce before we enter the second-half of the campaign.

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