Wednesday, 20 November 2013

"British Property"/"Investment Company" takeover rumour

Those Millwall-loving hacks at the South London Press are today reporting online that Charlton Athletic are about to be taken over by a "British property" business who they are also calling an "investment company." 

I am hoping the "investment" piece of this is just attempting to cover the fact that the "property" business will obviously be investing in the club in order to take control as opposed to see us as development opportunity. There will be obvious concerns in terms of Mr Fox taking control of the chickens, but we must remind ourselves at this point that the club is desperate for new ownership, even with the risks involved. 

It could prove to be the latest in a line of false dawns but you have to believe someone will come in for us and that a deal can be done as long as the current owners get realistic on the price. Little point in any further speculation at this point but I am hoping there's something in this and we can soon move on from the current situation where we are effectively on a slow starvation diet.

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