Friday, 11 October 2013

One in the eye for Tony Jiminez

Tony Jiminez lost his fight with diminutive Dennis in the High Court today. After Wise's clueless blabbering during the hearing when he made himself look like a complete idiot, the perceived wisdom was that Tony Jiminez would have the last laugh. 

However, the judge has decided that Mr Jiminez couldn't quite explain what he had done with Mr Wise's money other than a vague investement in a French golf club development. Neither was he clear about when Mr Wise could expect it back and has ordered him to repay the "loan" with interest and costs back to t. 2007. Ouch! That's likely to top up at over £700,000 and, Mr Jiminez isn't being given much time in which to settle. The curt "Club Statement" on this is less than 50 words and simply says that it "in no way relates to activities at the football club." I think we all know that but there may be consequences for the football club as it's majority shareholder decides how to settle the bill.

News this week that new Sunderland boss, Gus Poyet, is out to sign his son from the Addicks for £2m made me smile. Two million for an 18 year old with precisely no first team experience? Only a father could justify that. However, I could now see Diego being moved on for a more realistic £500,000.

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