Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Heading north on Saturday

No, not tempted by Ewood Park I am afraid. Much as I am trying to stay positive, I can't see us returning with anything here. Jordan Rhodes will be licking his lips and I can see us having to score twice at least to possibly get a point. That means we will probably drop into the bottom three and by the time we face Wigan a week on Sunday, we could even be bottom of the table. Positive thinking eh?

For Saturday, at least, my thoughts will be elsewhere. I am heading up to the Granite City to catch up with some good friends and to take in the Dons v Dundee United SPL game. My appearances at Pittodrie are dreaded by my mates, as my winning record is extremely poor - just the once over the years. In fact, it closely resembles the watching record of those Dons fans who come down to us on occasion. It could, of course, merely reflect the footballing status of our respective clubs over the last so many years. I am looking forward to seeing Dundee United - they have a much-talked about attacking front-line and a club who have a fine tradition of trying to play the game "properly."

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