Saturday, 14 September 2013

Watford 1 v Charlton Athletic 1

A good point from a battling display against a good Watford team. I think we would all have taken that before the game so now we have a chance to even our start to two wins, two draws and two losses by beating Huddersfield on Tuesday. that really would set us up for Millwall next Saturday.

Chris Powell kept the 3-5-2 formation and resisted the temptation to bring Chris Solly back on the right. Lawrie Wilson kept his place and it was him who earned Charlton the lead by bringing brought down in the box. Yann Kermrgant thundered home the spot-kick and we had our noses in front which justified the BBC's stats that said we had 72% possession by half-time.

Watford fought back after the break and Daniel Pudil picked up the loose ball to equalise after 71 minutes after Hamer had blocked (fumbled?) a shot. My abortive efforts to access CAFC Player resulted in me being locked out for multiple attempts, so, frustratingly, I couldn't follow the commentary. I emailed them and got a "standard" response saying my login had been reset but it hadn't. Final straw for me with that service. The commentary, when you can get it, is barely better than the Lifer updates on Charlton Life. Anyhow, Watford's second-half pressure cut our possession to 62%, although they had three times as many efforts as us at goal.

The good news of the day was a Millwall/Palace losing double. The Lions were outclassed by Derby, going down 5-1 at the Toolbox. Palace held out for a 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford. 

Steve Lomas looks in hot water at Millwall. He has been unpopular with the mob since taking the post and they were apparently chanting "fuck off Lomas" as Derby went two-up. They had a player sent off before conceding three more. Probably never been a better time to play them but we know the score when it comes to this fixture. I hope Chris Powell is winding our squad up all week about their wilting performance in this fixture last year. I don't see Berylson panicking over Lomas but if we were to beat them next week (we have done it before) he will need to weigh up the odds of holding on and alienating the mob further, or deciding Lomas is a Jonah and looking to utilise one of the Assistant Managers (Harford, Breacker and Harris) before they risk being anchored at the bottom.


Anonymous said...

You're not on your own with the "player" failure, mine went down too. What suckers we are paying for this overpriced, unreliable and obtuse service that gives you little more than is on offer for free anyway.

Dave said...

Anon - I have since had an email from "Ruth" telling me I had attempted to log-in four times in an hour and was, therefore, disabled for two hours (presumably long enough to ensure I couldn't hear the commentary). Before they go cutting you off, they need to be able to tell if you are actually connected, rather than attempted to log-in. Probably as safe to assume you are having trouble connecting than have suddenly given your username and password to all and sundry. Market forces I guess - no competition means you don't need to try too hard. In the circumstances, I am voting with my feet next time and await my renewal conversation with the desperate sales person.

ChicagoAddick said...

I couldn't get here in Miami either..

Tony said...

So your a fair weather camper? I thought of you being a little more hardy than being put off by a bit of drizzle....
As for next week, I can see us being Lomas saviour ( if only temporarily). Please turn up next Saturday Charlton.
Be interesting to find out if Millwall sell out for this. I believe there are still quite a few tickets left.
We just need an early goal, then their supporters will on there backs big time.

Anonymous said...

Never owned it, never will!! The updates on CL are enough to keep me up to date, with two small children charging about the place.

ken shabby

Dave said...

Tony - no point camping if you are going sit in a wet tent for 36 hours! I can't believe they haven't sold out yet, although can you imagine us taking 3000 there if we were winless, bottom and lumbered with a manager we hate? It would be great to pick up a couple of points we lost at Watford on last years showings. The midweek games could influence Saturday yet. They have Blackpool, in top v bottom and we need another result at the Galpharm in order to take three unbeaten into Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Dave that possession stat was so wrong! I would guess about 60:40 in Watford's favour. Our main fault was giving the ball away cheaply. but we continue to get more from the squad than we should due to good management and a bunch of lads that compete all the way. We could have lost it towards the end when changes in the Watford line up weren't matched by Chrissy.

Great atmosphere from the Addicks;I love away days like that. We had a whale of a time. Bradley fully deserved his "No limit" song.

Pembury Addick

Pembury Addick

Dave said...

PA - interesting that so many people were picking up on that stat. Makes sense if it was wrong and didn't reflect reality! Haven't heard the "no limit" song so will listen out.