Thursday, 5 September 2013

Solly first to extend?

Long day in the office today so I can head up the M6 tomorrow to Glasgow with a clear conscience. Unexpected news reached me earlier in the day that Chris Solly had signed a four year deal. My immediate reaction was that it was to defend a January sale and ensure we get the best price. Cynical, I know, but that's where the current owners have left me.

On reflection, of course, it's great news. Following Joe Pigott's deal, maybe the uncertainties of the majority of the rest of the team will be addressed and the morale of the playing staff lifted. There is a tendency for fans to over-analyse and it's obviously much worse when we don't know what's going on. For that reason, I still have little sympathy with the owners for the fear, doubt and loathing amongst those of us who aren't happy at the arrogant lack of communication about what's going on within the club. Having said that, they get credit for securing Chris Solly. Let's hope Morrison, Jackson and Kermogant are next and we get a drip-feed of good news ahead of the visit to Vicarage Road.

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