Friday, 20 September 2013

Let 'em come

We've got nothing to lose on Saturday. It's still early days in the fledgling Championship. Everyone is already beating everyone else. Our record against Millwall is Guinness Book of Records poor. It's a stupid kick-off time and we have the Sky cameras there to put the curse on us.

So, let 'em come and let's pray that our fighting team spirit shows it's head and we get at them. Yes, they had a good result on Tuesday but they have been pretty feeble up until then. Confidence may be fragile, especially if we can put them under some early pressure. I will be happy to stick with a more attacking 3-5-2 although we really need Yann Kermorgant battering his way forward. Marvin Sordell hasn't had a good start to his Charlton career and the Big Mouths will get at him on Saturday if he starts.

This could be a day for the youngsters, those who have been through the ranks and those who have been here longer. I'd love to see Bailey shackled in the midfield and it's a day Joe Pigott would relish if he could make an impression from the bench. Chris Solly looks like missing out again, so maybe it will be Harriott time?

Millwall will just about sell their allocation and they will be up for this. We need the same and an early Charlton goal would help us enormously. I am pleased that the authorities have seen sense and they are reverting to normal policing arrangements for this game. It's a match that needs a heavy police presence in the ground as the Stewards aren't up to it on days like this. If the police have a heavy and wide presence after the game, then any differences of opinion should be just that. There will probably be a punch-up later on in Woolwich or Bexleyheath once the beer has kicked in but that will most likely be a better match between those who are up for bundle and the rest of us can concentrate on the football.

Come on you Reeeddddssss!

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Phil said...

Agreed Dave it's a time for passion but allied to a clear and calm head. Those who hold their nerve the better will come through on top. The lads need support as with the Leicester game. Like you I think young Joe could be significant and hopefully Stewart will have an impact at some stage.