Thursday, 15 August 2013

England 3 v Scotland 2

A day out in London yesterday and a rare visit to Wembley. I was fully expecting to lose so no big surprise for me but I was pleased to see Scotland play well and make a match of it. 

This is not a fixture I really enjoy, unlike my countrymen. I can't do the English-hating bit with any conviction when I have grown up down here and am a proud Londoner and have an English wife! I do wish our fans would learn to respect the National Anthem. The booing shows a lack of class and makes us look like the Welsh as well as stoking the inferiority complex. 

Nonetheless, it was a good day out for the 80,000 crowd who made the effort. I believe we had close to 20,000 there although coming and leaving the stadium, it looked like half the gate at least were Scots. I am pleased to say I didn't see any trouble and in spite of all the alcohol consumed there was no evident intimidation or abuse. Perhaps any other Charlton fans who went last night can comment? I put this down to the fact that the English hooligan no longer bothers in any great numbers with the national side and they have been marginalised by the FA and the police. That and the fact that Scotland's fans made a conscious effort to change their travelling reputation a generation ago. The fixture will benefit from not having those present who live in the past - from both sides.

Scotland's early opener was a gift as Joe Hart failed to stop a shot from Morrison. England's reply was probably too quick to allow Scotland to adjust to holding the lead and pretty much the same thing happened in the second half after Kenny Miller rolled back the years and embarrassed Gary Cahill by making room and slotting a Scottish second. Danny Welbeck's quick header to equalise again had an inevitability about it and it was only then a case of who would get England's winner for me. Scotland's aerial vulnerability in the centre was ruthlessly exposed by Rickie Lambert for the third. 

My mate Pete took a spare and had the pleasure of watching the match from the visiting end and he applauded each England goal with as much enthusiasm as he felt was appropriate. I noticed those behind me shaking their heads in collective disgust that we had a "guffy" with us.


  1. hmmmm....pleasure! define that word for me...
    Nope - good day out, your mates are terrific fellas and a good laugh. I'm glad I won't have to hear the speech from Braveheart for a while though. Eddie does realise it was a film and not necessarily the actual words spoken, doesn't he?

  2. That speech was based on the Declaration of Arbroath of 1320.

    Last sentence!


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