Thursday, 15 August 2013

Dale Stephens to be sold?

Interesting quotes from Chris Powell re Dale Stephens being reported by Sky this afternoon.

Apparently he's "a little bit" homesick and was disappointed not to get a move to Villa last season. Sounds to me like we are touting him - "we've had no real interest" and "it takes a club to pick up the phone." My bet is Spanish Tone would gobble up a whole 'Umble Pie and Villa's arm to be able to sell him for close to what they offered last time. More realistically, £500k to anyone who will pay and I wouldn't bet on it being a club any nearer his home town which I assume is his birthplace, Bolton.


Anonymous said...

Half a mil? Not in our wildest dreams, sadly. He's not been fit to wear the shirt for 6 months or more, last Saturday's so called performance was an insult to us all. If he had a pair he'd resign like a grown up and take his pitiful 'homesick' self off back north.
There's as much chance of a club offering cash for him now as there is he'll grow up and earn his very attractive salary.
good riddance to bad rubbish

Dave said...

Anon - wouldn't disagree too much with your view but I was basing £500,000 on the fact that we were reportedly offered £1.Xm last year but Greedy Tone was holding out for much more. I think he's now desperate enough to sell at a knock-down price but the man has his reputation and ego to consider and anything less than that would be hard to see him swallowing.