Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Club not given up on employing fans

Given the "goings" at Charlton Athletic over the past year or so, one could be forgiven for assuming that there was a form of ethnic cleansing underway as all of the longer term Charlton-supporting employees were rooted out one by one. A good number have not been sacked but have chosen to leave of their own own accord without any other immediate job to go which has given succour to the view that all is not well within the Club.

I am pleased to report, therefore, that there is growing evidence to suggest that the Club is indeed happy to employ Charlton fans. The Official Site (OS) has been advertising an increasing number of interesting open positions of late which are, presumably, not directed at the wider public for now. Indeed, I noticed one this very morning for a Porter. The money on offer isn't great (£15k pa) but that probably reflects the basic skills required like counting, being able to grate cheese and buttering bread. Given historic market research into the respective demographics concerning Charlton and neighbouring Millwall supporters, I will suggest the club might find more success placing some of these ads on Millwall's website.


Anonymous said...

Not sure I'd want a Millwall fan serving me food at Charlton Dave:)

Dave said...

Anon - understand the concern but the food is meant for the players (training ground) and the Chef will be ensuring there's only his spittle in it. The job is just peeling vegetables, buttering bread and grating cheese, although I am guessing the use of the title "Porter" means you have to fetch and carry too!