Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Charlton Athletic 4 v Oxford United 0

The signs weren't great were they? Us at home against League 2 opposition who put four past Pompey at Fratton Park on Saturday. Us coming off an opening day defeat and playing in the League Cup in which we must now be close to the worst record of any club. Oh and us again playing the B side. Frankly, I expected a loss.

As it was we looked like we romped it 4-0. Simon Church opened the scoring on his full debut to settle the nerves and we took a 1-0 lead in at half-time. Danny Green then made the best of his chance, as I had hoped, and scored from a free-kick to settle any nerves. Churchy then weighed in with another with fully 30 minutes to go and the prospect of more. Unfortunately, we had to wait until a 90th minute penalty for the fourth and by then the unfortunate Church had made way, which meant a first goal for Piggott .

I am going to have a moan though. I know they are trying to sell seats but why are we always mislead about what sort of side we will play in these matches. If it's Squad Time, then have the Cajonas to tell us. Last year we got an apology after yet another weakened side was beaten and we were told that we wouldn't be doing it again. This time around it was "I might have to change one or two," when the plan was clearly to change ten. I'm not sure who they think they are kidding. Certainly not the majority who can't be bothered and you would hope not the 4200 Charlton fans who made the effort. They can probably live with the honesty of a B team and won't be complaining this evening anyway. I would have been prepared to pay B team prices (it was only £10) for League 2 opposition but only if I didn't feel I was being deceived. Some will ask "why does it matter?" The answer is because if you play poorly and get beaten as has more often been the case the not in his competition, then you know what you were letting yourself in for. Far too often we have expected much more and we have been deceived.


  1. After Saturdays poor peformance from a good few of the A team I think the club did the fans a favour by bringing in some of the understudys.


  2. B Team? Cook and Piggot maybe but I'm guessing all the others will have decent roles in the first team this season. With a smaller squad this year I guess it's established and fringe players and expecting to see the fringe players be more involved - FFP may have come at the right time for us, in that we have no money anyway, so it levels the playing field a little. Early days.

    Then again I live the other side of the world now and like you, hadn't expected much from the game last nite. Good way to start the day!!

  3. It was a tenner well spent with some good performances.A One observation is the squad team spirit which is clear to see.

  4. Have to agree with you. I am a season ticket holder 85 miles away from the Valley. I got hacked off turning up for these games only to see it being treated as a friendly to try out the squad. Hence I don't bother anymore. I have to confess though that I will turn into a glory hunter should we draw someone half decent.

  5. Anon/Matthew - thanks for the feedback. Cup matches, especially the League Cup, have become squad games and not necessarily a complaint from me in that regard. My beef is that the club always plays up how seriously we propose taking here games and it's been really disappointing in recent years to be beaten narrowly by inferior opposition when we had the personnel available to have won these games. I am delighted this B team have cruised through although I am guessing Oxford weren't much opposition. I too will be there if we progress and take this seriously although I reckon last nights side will need to win a couple more before there is any danger of that.


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