Saturday, 24 August 2013

Bring your waterproofs

I am really excited about attending my first match of the season. I was discharged early from hospital yesterday after a Discectomy operation on my lower back late on Thursday. The Sciatic nerve pain I have been suffering with for 9 months has gone and been replaced by the wound pain. A happy swap and I have stopped months of painkillers. 

A pity then that it's been raining softly all night in SE7 and the forecast is for it to get much heavier later today and not to stop until this evening. So dress appropriately if you are coming.

I am going to pop my head in the two-door Royal Oak for a pre-match pint and then scurry down to the Rose of Denmark where a few fellow bloggers may be lurking. It's a pity they aren't meeting next week when Chicago Addick is over and when he will be as excited as I am this morning.

The weather may affect the match and it looks like it will definitely give Colin Powell a few headaches (if not Chris Powell also). I gave a view of how the match may go in my previous post so I will stick with another home disappointment. Doncaster may settle for another point unless we are as inept as we were against Boro. I'll go for 1-1 and hope I am pleasantly surprised. 

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