Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Welsummer Camping

I missed Welling on Saturday. It's always a good day out, invariably in the sunshine and so it proved again this year. I also missed the excellent Lions series win over the Aussies. A combination of both would have been a great day out like fellow blogger Blackheath Addick.

Instead, the lure of summer camping and the desperation of my family to go again after our brilliant weekend at Nethergong Hill proved too strong. So, we travelled down to Welsummer near Lenham on Friday afternoon and were there until Sunday morning with my sister-in-law and family, including their dog Monty. The weather was perfect, of course, and we enjoyed another couple of campfire days, exploring the on-site "Charlton" apple orchard and also spent Saturday at the Tenterden Music Festival, which was more of a Summer Fayre.

Camping is proving the hit of the Summer and we are booked again for four weekdays in August and another weekend (away game) in September which will probably be our last of the year. Welsummer is quite different from Nethergong Hill. It's a much smaller site although it's surrounded by woods and explorable countryside. It was also much more cramped than Nethergong and includes some fussy rules such as a 10.30 'lights out' and a music ban, unless you can play an acoustic instrument. My brother-in-law was particularly miffed by that and seriously considered bringing his Bongoes to make a point but space in his car put paid to that idea. 
Good to read such encouraging reports about the performance at Welling. Two different sides played, one in each half and Joe Pigott catching the eye with a first-half hat-trick. It's unrealistic to expect him to start and we need to sign a experienced partner or two for Monsieur Kermogant. It's good nonetheless to think we may have another youth product capable of making his mark when given his chance from the bench. The squad continue their fitness and team-building morale in southern Spain this week when they will play Gibraltar on Wednesday and St.Mirren on Saturday morning at 11am (to avoid the heat?).


ChicagoAddick said...

"Camping is proving the hit of the Summer and we are booked again for four weekdays in August and another weekend (away game) in September"

What's happened to you??

Dave said...

Always been a Boy Scout me.

pete said...

he's practicing for Scottish independence when all the ex-pat Jocks are forced to live in tented village style refugee camps.

Dave said...

I qualify for citizenship, although the appeal of a tartan tented village would be strong.

ThamesmeadIrons said...

Ha. Nice one Pete. We can send red cross parcels to the camp. Essentials like. Whiskey, oats, Mel Gibson DVDs & basically deep fried anything ��