Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Striker Watch - 4 days to go

With four days until the new season kicks off, the big question for all Charlton fans is "will we sign another striker to start at Bournemouth?" 

At the start of last season we were happily playing one up front away from the Valley and the effectiveness of that lead us to try it at home. However, our more attacking finish to the season showed the folly of that approach and we all know we need more strikers, even if just as cover for a 4-5-1formation.

Finances appear desperately tight and there are differing opinions over whether we will sign anyone before Saturday, or wait and try and pick up a bargain before the end of the deadline, or whether things are so tight we are going to have to make do with Yann Kermorgant, Michael Smith and Joe Piggott. 

Personally, I can't see the logic in bringing in a centre-back and a midfielder if we weren't going to be able to finance another striker or two. I also believe that if money was so tight we couldn't afford a striker, then thought would have been given to trying to sell someone on to free up the cash. 

I am not supporting the position we are in - I think Jiminez is in a hole he never envisaged and is desperate to get out. However, with Fair Play regulations kicking in, I do think there is a logic in beggars biding their time. A Premier League fringe striker is probably the best deal we could do and the deadline may help us negotiate that as the big boys complete their signings and look to loan out their also-rans. Jonathan Obika's could be in just that position.

A large number of our current squad are on contracts that expire next year and there is alarm that we might find ourselves losing all our best players at once. I am not so sure that is as big a risk as some believe. First the club may already be planning extensions (we have a few months before there's any panic) and secondly, there is a glut of players on the market and contracts are being realigned downwards as Fair Play bites.

We don't have long to wait to find out - I'm banking on an Obika-type loan and one new permanent striking addition from the Championship. That would certainly gee us up for the trip to the South Coast.

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