Thursday, 18 July 2013

F A Cup on BBC and BT Sport for next two years

Ok, so we don't do cup runs. However, we all still love the F A Cup and it's great to follow on the Saturdays when we don't have a game. Good to see, then, that the Beeb and new-boys BT Sport have combined resources to win the F A Cup coverage for the next two seasons with games being shown free of charge. Sky have been long overdue some competition and whilst I am a big fan, what they serve up is pricey and there is a relentless annual cost increase. Only yesterday I received a letter attempting to justify why my subscription will be increasing by £3.50 a month - not great timing Sky when you are losing content and it's being offered up free of charge. I feel I have to make a stand this year and will get something cut-off my package. I rarely watch their 3D channel and any film I can remember watching this year was one I had to pay for anyway.

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