Friday, 12 July 2013

BT Sport Live Games

BT Sport published their first Premier League fixtures yesterday and it's no surprise that they are trying to include as many Premier sides as they can with their first pick of games. As a BT Broadband customer, I have signed up to get these free of charge on my Sky box and if you register before 1st August you get the HD channels free too (0800 756 7566 - you will need your BT Account Number from a recent bill and your Sky Viewing Card Number from the Settings menu). 

I am looking forward to seeing what BT Sport can produce. They are going the whole hog and threatening to bring us good sporting TV as well as simply broadcasting matches. They have a host of other sports too and are looking at doing things differently. They have signed 30 Conference games on a two year deal and we have the prospect of seeing more of Welling than of Charlton live on TV. Someone needs to sort the BBC out so that we get more than 30 second highlights when we are all asleep in bed.

BT Sport kicks off broadcasting on 1st August when I believe the first game to be shown will be Stephen Gerrard's Testimonial game.

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