Sunday, 7 July 2013

Brit wins Wimbledon

Fantastic three set victory for Andy Murray over Novak Djokovic this afternoon. In blistering heat, the man from Dunblane overcame his Serbian opponent in  a three hour slog-fest to become the first British man to win the competition in short trousers. Murray's serving gave him a great platform and his never-say-die rallying carried him through against an equally capable player.

There were so many celebrities in the 15,000 crowd that the cameramen could have focused on some little people for novelty factor. The Prime Minister will want to know how Alex Salmond managed to get the seat behind him and was able to flourish a Saltire about Cameron's head at the finish. Oh how I wanted Murray to pick the Union flag up off the table when he was presented with the trophy. He did at least manage to say how great it was to be the first British man to win in 77 years. Elsewhere, Gerard Butler, Ronnie Wood, Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Beckham and loads of others were there to witness history.

It was an amazing game with both players firing shot after shot from one side of the court to the other, so many of which were played onto the lines. The crowd were often guilty of cheering or commiserating prematurely such was the speed and accuracy from both players. The umpire, too, struggled to keep up and there was an embarrassing point at one stage when he called "out" but as both players played on he didn't have the courage to halt the game. Fortunately for him the point was won by Murray who would have taken it on the out call.

Having won two Grand Slams now as well as the Olympic gold, you have to believe Murray can go on and win more, if not become the best player in the world. What's also clear today is, barring any sporting achievement of note by any member of the Royal Family over the next four or five months, the BBC Sports Personality of 2013 will be a Scotsman.

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