Wednesday, 19 June 2013


So, the fixtures duly landed this morning and I find I will be missing Bournemouth away and Middlesborough at home. Bournemouth on a Saturday in August is good enough almost to make a week of, let alone a weekend. Pete is already winding me up by offering to do the match report.

I then jump to the 6 Nations clashes and find that, for the first time ever, all three games I am committed to coincide with home matches against Birmingham, QPR and Watford. So, I am missing four home matches this season as things stand and am guessing there may be one or two others before the season's through (if it gets any worse I might be better off upping sticks and heading for the sun and changing the name of this blog). 

My first home match will be Doncaster Rovers on 24th August! If we get off to a good start at Dean Court and against Boro, I might need to satisfy my craving  by once again going to Barnsley the week before we entertain Rovers.  Huddersfield and Doncaster away on Tuesday nights will be sparsely attended affairs and you have to believe that more considered match selection would see clubs maximise gate revenues. If we have to play midweek fixtures, at least pick clubs within reasonable travelling time. I am pleased we have two home games over Christmas and two decent ones at that with Brighton on Boxing Day and then the Massives on Saturday 29th. Both Millwall games are Saturday again and will hopefully pass off without all the pre-match hype from last season and no repeat of the after-match organisational chaos at both venues. Finally, Blackpool away last game? Got to be an omen that I reckon?

You can probably tell that the gloom from last season has lifted. My pupils are slightly more dilated and anticipation levels are rising.

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