Monday, 3 June 2013

Gower joins Hughes

End-of-season loanee Mark Gower has today signed on a one year term. I am slightly surprised by this following the extension of Andy Hughes' contract but not disappointed.

Hughes at 35 is probably in his last full year as a professional at this level but he has kept himself in tip-top condition so could well go on beyond that although he has coaching ambitions.

As one of the natural talkers on the pitch, Hughes will earn his dough. Gower, meanwhile is actually only a year younger and was slow to start with us. He claimed not to have regained full fitness until the Boro game and he was notably better towards the end. I missed the Bristol City match by understand Gower had his best match for us then and did very well in creating two of the goals. I trust Chris Powell's judgement and am satisfied with Gower and Hughes. 

All eyes now turn towards who our first new faces might be. I think we could do with another left sided midfielder, preferably someone who could back Harriott and then we focus on getting a couple of goalscorer's capable of firing a promotion bid. Please let's not leave it to the last minute. It would be good to get them in for a proper pre-season so we can start on all cylinders on 3rd August.

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