Friday, 3 May 2013

Sponsors' Dinner

Last night was the Sponsors' Dinner and Mrs Peeps and I had our photo taken with Leon Cort - us proudly holding his home shirt aloft. Proof too that he is taller than me and by the build of him, I am guessing he can out-jump me by several inches. We were joined on our table by Andrew Hughes and Dorien Dervite. I was sat next to Andrew and he was very good company. My wife was next to Leon but was equally pleased to be opposite Dorien Dervite! It's a very enjoyable evening and great value through the season if you have £500 to spare.

Having been several times now, the formula is the same although even more thought and effort went into last nights event than in previous years. The player selection for the tables is also interesting and there is obviously an considered effort to pair quieter players with less-quiet ones. 

Inevitably, there are plenty of other people there you know from the Charlton family and it was good to see that Chicago Addick and "west-coast" (of Scotland) Chris were there. Graham Hodgson, resident Charlton artist and tattoo genius was also there with his family as well as old face Al Chapman.

The players remain very professional and always appear happy enough to sign mountains of souvenirs. 


Anonymous said...

Dave, I am very very jealous! Do the players mention much about the manager, his substitutions, and the owners (lol, just realised how very specific that sounds..)

Pembury Addick

Dave said...

PA - Hughesy was very complimentary about SCP. Said he could see him being poached after gaining promotion with 18 new players and then a top ten finish with no money.

ChicagoAddick said...

PA - it is very obvious that the players have a lot of respect for both Dyer and Powell. I think they would all say the ownership is nothing to do with them.