Saturday, 27 April 2013

The miracle lives on

Watford duly beat Leicester last night to fulfil the first of seven results we would need in order to make a highly unlikely 6th place finish. Today we need Cardiff to beat Bolton in south Wales (not unreasonable), Forest to lose at Millwall (possible although the Lions are imploding) and the mighty Addicks to take all the points at the Riverside (maybe the hardest of the three results).

Other results may also up the Addick-interest levels; a Palace defeat at Blackburn and we will be able to hear the wailing from SE25. If Millwall lose at home to Forest, we should be able to smell the resultant fear from SE16. How exciting.

Meanwhile, a surprise announcement that the Board has agreed to "collaborate" with the Supporters Trust. It's unclear what this actually means but it's obvious the two parties are speaking and it sounds like more than just Barnie's (Trust leader) invitation to watch the last home game from the Directors box. The intention is to distribute the Trust's Newsletter with the Bristol City Programme and a commitment to work more closely on the next Trust Supporters survey as well as initiatives to build our fan-base.

If I sound reserved on this topic, it's probably because I am. I believe our club needs a healthy and well-supported Trust. Our history tells us that this might have served us well in the past and all the time the people running the club are referred to as "the Mysterons," a question-mark will hang over our future. In the meantime, credit to Barnie for flogging what's seemed like a dead horse. Like Chicago Addick, I am a signed-up member and one who would give a fiver in a heartbeat but someone needs to ask me for it or I will never bother getting around to it. Get some walkers with clipboards and cash-bags doing the rounds of the pubs pre-Bristol City. The club might even support walkers around the perimeter of the pitch to sign members up and collect cash.

On the pitch, I ought to mention the league success of our U18's and U21's which bodes well for the future first team. All of our young players must be enormously encouraged by the impact of Callum Harriott. They made up the bulk of the side which beat Thamesmead Town in extra time on Tuesday to move on in the Kent Cup. There may yet be big silverware this season!

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Anonymous said...

If Palace lose both their games and we win both we could overtake them as well