Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Only one more for me

The end of the season has really crept up on me. I have only just realised that I have only one game left. I have done my time at Barnsley and the midweek trip to Cardiff holds no draw. I will be at the Valley Saturday week for the defeat of Wolves but wild horses wouldn't get me to Chernobyl-Boro and I will be in Scotland with friends for the last home match against Bristol City.

The season ticket deadline also passed me by. I had already decided that I wasn't going to rush to buy but I did think for a second after the highs of Jon Obika's last minute winner against Leeds, that I might bite the bullet on Sunday. Instead I await the big reveal when the Mysterons decide the penalty for failing the blind loyalty test. Much will depend on sales to date but I am guessing closer to £20 than £50. Without any further incentive, I will wait now until I feel inspired!

My current relative lack of loyalty has more to do with my continuing disappointment with the disdain and contempt shown for the fans by Jiminez and Slater. Chris Powell as turned the corner again and it's clear, if there were doubts (they were creeping in), that he still has the respect of his squad.

With targeted investment, better use of substitutes and a better Valley playing surface, next season could look exciting again come July.

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