Saturday, 16 February 2013

Season Ticket Price Rises

Inevitably season ticket prices are rising again for 13-14 in the Championship. The club have published the "early bird" prices but not yet the price for those who don't stump up before 8th April.

The club are taking a calculated risk here as usual and they are doing it without the unique insight of Rick Everitt. Rick has suggested elsewhere that the prices are slightly higher than he was guessing and makes the point that they are probably as high as the market would bare right now.

I suspect he's spot on here and that the pricing policy going forward is to lift our prices in line with clubs of similar status, so I expect next year's prices to increase disproportionately to get closer to the likes of Millwall and Palace who are still a tad higher than us. We aren't awash with dosh and we are being asked to make our contribution towards Premier ambition.

Like the majority of the current 11,000-odd holders, I will renew my season tickets (my 36th year) although I am taking a little step nearer a threshold I never thought I would ever contemplate. I live close to the ground and that is no coincidence. Sad as it may be, I bought here because I spent so much of my social time in the area and it made sense (house prices are good value - I also work in the City, so I wouldn't have been too far away in any case).

If I were ever to move out (like so many of our fans), relative pricing in excess of what we face would be a huge test given travel commitments and, quite honestly, the quality of what's being served up at home. It's been a dismal home season.

The club have yet to announce the post-deadline prices or the match-day prices. They will obviously wait until the last minute here in order to assess early-bird sales to determine how far they can go. They also need to ensure we will still be playing Championship football. Relegation, whilst highly unlikely in my opinion, remains a threat and they will be praying for some results between now and the end of March or sales may tank. In the event we get sucked in, the deadline for best price renewals will probably be extended through April.

If early sales go well the club may be emboldened to push up post deadline prices but it's a fine line and they really need to think hard about doing that given the poor entertainment and point-ratio at home this season. It could be a case of largely die-hard renewals and falling off a cliff beyond that as fans wait and see if we strengthen the squad and how we start next season.

I will be renewing my four tickets but will wait until the deadline to do so.


Anonymous said...

Disappointing that the rise is so great compared to last year and the shoddy results at home this
is year, but like you I will probably leave it until deadline day to get my 2 tickets

Anonymous said...

The club have been remarkably generous to the fans as regards season ticket prices in the past. This has been in an attempt to get more season ticket holders. However circumstances meant I couldn't get to many of the games up until Christmas, and as matches clash with those of Crowborough RFC where the majority of the team have come right through the club from the age of 6, and the average age of the team is about 22 at the moment. It has not been a difficult decision to forego the Valley for some exciting rugby, and a passionate club that launched Dylan Hartley on English rugby. Now we have just been made the local team of choice by the RFU and become an Accredited club.
This after being a season ticket holder on and off since my late dad first took me at Easter 1968.
To get to the Valley now I have a minimum 8 hour round trip, and I expect to come away having been entertained, not frustrated and embarrassed by the team. Also due to the Valley Express I no longer have time to meet my old mates for a beer before the game. I will therefore only be cherry picking games next year and also enjoying the game I played for 30 years.

Crow. Glad you enjoyed your game at the club, Ironic Teague played against a tam from the same area as his uncle