Friday, 1 February 2013

Panic on the streets of Shepherds Bush

Nothing to report on transfer deadline line day as our board decided that splashing the sort of cash we have isn't going to drastically alter this season's fortunes. On the basis we aren't going to mount a serious challenge, the task now will be to count down the points to safety.

Our willingness to offload BWP and Danny Green won't have helped those two fight for the cause. The authorities were not convinced of Swindon's new owners ability to support the moves which is a bit worrying and says something about our own due diligence process here.

Anyhow, most of the attention was grabbed by desperate QPR who brought in five new players, spending £20m plus in the process and dishing out wages and contracts of Manchester United proportions to the likes of a former Blackburn Rovers centre-half (Samba) and a Spurs youngster (Townsend) who can't establish himself in their side. 

Their gap to safety has been reduced to four points but the games are running out and they are still bottom. Tony Fernandes must cry himself to sleep at night looking at the money pit QPR have become when he could be spending it on the club he actually supports (West Ham). Harry Redknapp is the miracle worker you need in these situations but he demands money and he has taken clubs down in his day.

The biggest laugh though, must be reserved for Peter Odemwingie. The Baggies over-performer got wind of the millions Harry was splashing and decided he was off. No time for formalities like clearing the ground with West Brom, he simply launched into Twitter advertising the fact and telling anyone who wanted to listen that he should have left a year ago and that no-one was getting in the Odemwingie's way. That's almost word-for-word what he said. Whether naive Peter was caught up in a game of bluff or not is anyone's guess but West Brom were clearly unhappy at Odemwingie blowing their leverage and Rangers failure to up their offer as a result. 

So, Greedy Peter wakes up in the Midlands again this morning and will need to develop a taste for humble pie and learn how to shut out the home crowd at The Hawthorns because he is going to attract significant stick for his haste to depart for relegation favourites and what looks like Championship football next year. The lights of a number of other clubs will also have gone out at the mention of Odemwingie's name in future. Silly boy.


Anonymous said...

Dave, The 6 Nations starts today, and I am expecting an upset against you Scots, whatever the outcome, it should be one hell of a game.


Dave said...

Crow - just leaving for Twicjenham. Equally excited and hoping for a cruncher!