Thursday, 7 February 2013

Football Saturday

I received an email from the Scottish Rugby Union yesterday. "Hurry" they told me to secure my seat for the Italy fixture at Murrayfield on Saturday, "there has been enormous interest following the results at the weekend and remaining tickets are selling fast." I deleted it seconds later. Italy at Murrayfield was the first 6 Nations fixture on the list that automatically makes any Charlton home game a more attractive option (I hope I am not wrong Chris).

Italy's fantastic win over tournament favourites France on Sunday caused a huge stir and the Romans will go north of Hadrian's wall looking for another victory and possibly a record second successive win in the Nations. Scotland might be worth a punt at this point as their odds may have lengthened unrealistically. What everyone seems to have forgotten is that, like Scotland, the French have a history of starting badly although, unlike Scotland, they usually recover. Italy have an ageing side and are short on depth. They rely upon their old bears and I fancy Scotland's own to fight back strongly on Saturday.

So, I will happily be in SE7 for the visit of a club I have no time for. Birmingham City are mediocrity personified. Another "massive" club with huge home support that is invariably awaiting the big time to return before they do. Their away support is truly appalling and probably worse than our own (Ooh Arr will confirm on Charlton Life). Their hooligan element have a long history of being bullies at home and avoid any chance of retribution by refusing to travel. It's that or the Brummie mean gene.

I am running out of patience with our home performances and Chris Powell desperately needs to show another dimension in changing things to encourage a radically different style in order to fix things. His poor use of substitutes is also concerning and has visibly lost us points on too many occasions now to be much of a debating issue any longer. Alex Dyer or someone else needs to get in his ear and remind him at key moments of matches. If he continues not to see it and refuse to make changes it will increasingly damage his good reputation as well as our league position.

So, please Charlton, don't let me wish I had chosen to be at Murrayfield on Saturday.

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