Friday, 18 January 2013

Cheers Colin

So sad to learn this week of the premature death of Addick fanatic, Colin Holland. Colin's beaming smile, usually from behind a pint of real ale, has met my own for over thirty years home and especially away. Until today I never knew his surname, such are so many footballing friendships.

Over the years, mates and I have had the same game-plan for away matches. First, lose the gobby rabble and the attention of the local constabulary. Second, head towards one or two of the best real ale pubs in town. Third, time your exit via taxi if necessary to maximise quzzling time and still see kick-off. Colin and mates obviously worked to a similar plan and did their pub homework in advance like us because if we bumped into other Addicks, more often than not he was there.

Cheers  Colin.

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ChicagoAddick said...

Indeed, cheers Colin. A very familiar face for probably all of my time following The Addicks.

Very sad. RIP Colin.