Saturday, 5 January 2013

Charlton Athletic 0 v Huddersfield Town 1

Two fighting performances in succession was hoping for a bit too much and especially as the latest was a cup tie and a Valley match. You have to think we entered a pact with the devil regarding our F A Cup win 65 years ago, selling all future cup runs for for that one moment of glory.

Chris Powell promised to put a strong side out this year but in common with previous years and managers, he was being economical with the truth. We could have played Solly and Morrison, our two most consistent performers but both were non-starters. With Leon Cort absent to injury, that meant a first time Taylor-Dervite partnership which was to enable Jermaine Beckford to get the only goal of the game and to see Dervite get his marching orders for a professional foul on the same player early in the second-half. Solly's absence meant we lost Wilson's influence on the right flank as he had to play full-back.

As anticipated, David Button started in goal and after a few shaky first-half touches he came more into the match following a scrambling save to deny Vaughan, who for once had decided to shoot instead of dive. The midfield saw the ineffective Kerkar return for another value-less performance. Dale Stephens strutted about in midfield like the Premier League poseur I am praying he becomes (quickly). Bradley Pritchard did the shift alongside wonder-Dale and Jordan Cook brought a lack of experience to the right to ensure Kermorgant and Wright-Phillips were starved of wide crosses. To be fair, Cook tried his hardest and had a decent first-half and was subbed after an hour to allow Morrison to replace the sent-off Dervite.

I'm not going to say much about the game itself because there wasn't much to report and I am a trifle miffed as you may be able to tell. I think we managed a corner in the first half and two or three in the second-half as we really went for it. Jermaine Beckford settled the tie at ten past three when he got beyond his man and beat Button from close range. Oh and we managed a shot on target from a free-kick in the second-half which Smithies had to parry as it took a deflection towards the far post. 

An apology is what I expect from Chris Powell and some words of explanation might make me feel better. I have given up on League Cup football and I am afraid F A Cup matches against equal or lesser league opposition will now follow suit for me. If the club aren't going to take these matches seriously, then neither am I.

Finally, what on earth were Plod playing at today? They looked to be harassing any lads under 20 years of age with names being taken etc as I entered the stadium and they had formed some sort of cordon at the back of the East Stand to harass them even further as they left the away-fan baiting section at the end. To be clear, they (Red Divs?) had done nothing wrong and were no threat to anyone, except to their own personal reputation, which I think they gave up on long ago.


  1. Sounds like the East Stand "action" was the highlight of the day.
    Laying off beer this month, don't think having to suffer that would have kept me on track.
    Season over?

  2. I understand from posters on Charlton Life that the lads targeted by the police and stewards today for singing were indeed "Red Division." The treatment they received was unfair and, frankly, embarrassing to see. I wonder how this squares with the club's anti-bullying work?

  3. Dave,there was another indicator of how much the administration cared about yesterday's match. I'd guess from the distribution of folks in the Lower North, Lower West and the Yorky Penitentiary, that a good half of the pathetic 6,600 were in the East. So they chose to operate just one refreshment counter, leading to people either giving up on the queue or missing the first ten of the 2nd half. (You could describe that as a benefit of course!) Oh, and the Foster's was as flat as the team.

  4. Geoff - I noticed that "our" food outlet was shut yesterday. It did me a favour as I am having a dry January and need to shed some beef before the rutting season.


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