Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Ten things we learnt from last night?

1. Making some positive noise in support of your team can actually inspire your players to achieve more than they might have thought possible.
2. We don't have to sit at home games trying to hear what the players are saying.
3. We should fear no-one at the Valley.
4. We can afford to be much bolder tactically at home, even when fielding a weakened side
5. We have a more capable squad of players than I think we give ourselves credit for.
6. We can come from two goals down to win, although it's not compulsory.
7. We are in a false league position.
8. The vast majority of our fans are perfectly happy with the manager and would be provoked by any premature decision to change that.
9. We may be attractive odds for a win on Sunday at Bristol City.
10. Yet again, Cardiff don't look like automatic promotion contenders to me.


Anonymous said...

1. Dervite is not the answer at centre back
2. Haynes is more threatening than BWP
3. Morrison is wasted at right back
4. Solly is growing into a decent left back too
5. Hulse puts in a great shift every time
6. Kerkar is much better in midfield than at left back
7. It's great when the covered end sing all game!
8. The manager has pretty much the full support of the fans
9. Stephens plays better when he runs around a bit
10. Six minutes is just about long enough to hang on...


Dave said...

Pedro - Stephens is much better when he runs around a bit. Maybe that was Villa's plan for him?

Geoff said...

Agree your list, Dave, and the one above in which the most important playing points concern Dervite and Morrison. Sir C has to try to find a solution to the full-back crisis. Is Seaborne coming or not?

One unfortunate additional lesson learned Tuesday is that our racist element is still with us. No1Son chirped in in friendly fashion to the two guys alongside in the Harvey Gardens post-match shuffle. He suggested Chrissie would be hammering home some points about the stoppage time goals. The response was "that black bastard doesn't know how to pick a team". Aside from the vile language, had this person been on another planet while our injuries were occurring? Let's hope he decides to support a more appropriate team like Chelsea or the Spanners.
Shame that Palarse spoiled the evening by going top.