Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ping-Pong Frimpong

Well, well, well, Tony Jiminez has only done it again and found the cash to further support Chris Powell's ambitions this season by bringing in Arsenal squad player and young hopeful, Emmanuel Frimpong.

Jiminez may be struggling in his PR battle with the clubs most ardent supporters  (it must be said that he's not making any direct effort in the fight to curry favour) but his actions continue to speak louder than words. Frimpong is only here until January but there must be hope for more if he impresses and is not required in the short-term by the Arse. Spanish Tone is obviously finding the cash from somewhere because Arsenal had options and Frimpong sounded keen to go back to Wolves, whose fans are furious that we have pinched him from under their noses. 

The official line from Molineux is that Frimpong is "only 75-80 fit." That sounds like an excuse to me as a professional can improve that level of fitness in a couple of weeks and the obvious thing to do is limit their game time initially. Stale Solebakken has also said he "didn't want to upset" existing midfielder Dave Davis, so perhaps fitness isn't the reason, although the Wanderers fans seem mightily peeved and are doing an admirable impression of Massive fans.

Frimpong himself, it must be said, has very limited first team experience having made only six appearances in Arsenal red and five loan showings in Old Gold before being crocked last season. On the injury front, I was told yesterday by a old Gooner mate formerly of SE18 that we can expect to see Frimpong get sent off given his ferocious tackling and midfield competitiveness. I like the sound of this, just what we have been missing and the comparisons with Alex Song when we lured him the Valley as a Premiership club ourselves is tempting.

Those lusting to see the young Arsenal hopeful may have to wait until next month as Frimpong beds in, improves his fitness and competes with the existing squad members.

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Anonymous said...


You might remember that we were linked with him several times over the last couple of years. So now is the time to get him. I agree totally with the forcast for his red cards as he is totally committed, but doesn't use his head too often. It is all natural talent.

I am informed that the funder is back onside, and it may have something to do with new buyers being interested again, but only if we are competitive, with a chance of promotion, and certainly not relegation candidates.

I was at Twickenham on Saturday for the first time in over 25 years, and would comment that we need to be more adventurous and take our chances, which Australia did and we didn't. Also far too many penalties given away.

Regards Crow