Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Two Sackings

Confirmation today that Rick Everitt has been sacked from his job of 14 years working for the football club he follows so passionately. Rick is being understandably tight-lipped but this reflects very poorly on those responsible. I look forward to hearing the Club's explanation on this. They broke their silence this week to deny the Daily Mirror rumours about Paul Elliott being appointed Chairman, so I assume they will be preparing an appropriate statement on Rick's dismissal in Saturdays programme.

We have to be asking what on earth is going on under the West Stand? I don't expect candour from the Mysterons for obvious reasons but I am pretty sure we will hear it sooner or later from someone who knows and cares enough to tell us. 

This caps off a miserable 24 hours in which I saw Scotland hit a new low and the class gap expanded to a size that makes watching them painful. I have a ticket for Wembley in August but it will be a long time before I am tempted to travel overseas again. Oh, the second sacking? That will be Craig Levein but there won't be a post or a thread of unhappy supporters complaining to the SFA about the loss of "Brussel Sprout."

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