Friday, 19 October 2012

First win of the season please

Mid-October and I have yet to see us win this season. That's a personal record but I am confident it will end tomorrow. 

The Tykes are not firing fully yet this season and are a point behind us in 19th position. They have managed only three points away from Oakwell and those came courtesy of a bizarre 5-0 away win at Birmingham City in which Craig Davies scored four times in 18 second-half minutes against his boyhood club. As long as Davies isn't similarly inspired, we should be able to match Wolves, Brighton, Blackburn and Leeds who have all sent them packing empty handed.

We finished the match at Blackpool pumped and with Johnnie Jackson being fit to return, most likely from the bench, we should have more than enough threat in front of 20,000 plus spectators to send a bumper gate home happy for a change.

The day may well have some added spice for us old dogs who are following Sacking-gate. Having broken his silence over his dismal dismissal as the Club's Development Officer, Rick Everitt may have been busy launching a revised and re-energised version of Voice of the Valley which promises to shine a bright light on the behind-the-scenes going-ons since last season in the SE7 Boardroom. Having said that, I am sure Rick wouldn't knowingly do anything that could significantly damage the club or it's prospects, so perhaps the worst might wait until a more appropriate time.

More importantly tomorrow, is that none of Sacking-gate begins to affect the players or the coaching staff. I don't suppose the players are particularly close to the day-to-day running of the club although it's inevitable that poor morale amongst the workforce and uncertainty in the Boardroom will find it's way through to playing performances if it continues.

Tony Jiminez, Michael Slater, Martin Prothero and the Clubs' anonymous financial backers may be acting ruthlessly behind the scenes but they will not want to damage their asset as they try to sell it on, and cannot be criticised in terms of having failed to support Chris Powell and the team to date. Our home form trails our away form so far and tomorrow is time to adjust that.

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