Friday, 26 October 2012

Can we follow up?

After the stirring performance by the new look midfield on Wednesday, will Chris Powell be bold enough to go with the same again at Molineux tomorrow? I certainly hope so.

I am a bit surprised to note that the Wanderers are up to fourth in the table. They don't seem to have been setting the division alight but have clearly caught up on the rails. A 3-2-1 home record is supported by 3-0-3 away, so obviously those defeats have caught my eye.

I think the trick in this division is not to stand on ceremony and get about your opponents. Playing for draws doesn't look profitable and hopefully Chris Powell and the boys are coming to terms with this. We have the defence to contain Wolves and with a more competitive midfield we should begin to get a better points return. 

I haven't seen every game by all means but have listened to those I have missed and the Forest away showing was probably our poorest of the season so far, although I have to say that tactically speaking we handed it to them on a plate that day. Other than that we have been far more competitive in most every match and more tomorrow please.

I have been to Molineux on a number of occasions but the last was that fateful F A Cup match in 1998 when that disgrace to football, Kevin Muscat, broke Matty Holmes' leg and ended his career. For those of you too young to remember this, Holmes was told by the Consultant who operated on him that he was lucky to save his leg. Holmes was later awarded £250,000 compensation but Muscat carried on injuring players for years after that. To appreciate just what a dirty bastard he was, I am linking to his Wiki entry which spells it out. A man I would love to punch hard on the nose to this day. 

I will be tuned in tomorrow afternoon hoping we can get what we deserved at Leeds - three points. The bookies appear to have their bottoms hanging out of the window on a Charlton victory at 7-2. Get on it.

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Anonymous said...

Muscat plied his trade later in Australia, and guess what he was until his last game a dirty bastard, luckily he has now retired.