Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bale 2 v Scotland 1

I deliberately avoided the B word yesterday when posting. I didn't want to tempt fate and you don't lose to one player do you? There's no avoiding it this morning. 

Gareth Bale is clearly modelling himself on Ronaldo and last night he looked like a taller and stronger version if slightly less attractive to the opposite sex. He paces himself back from free-kicks and stands hands on hips measuring his shot. Playing in a Ronaldo attacking role on the right, he looked wasted all of a sudden as a full-back. He gave the Scottish defence a torrid time and having fallen Ronaldo-style in the box for a penalty, he got up to snatch the ball from their penalty taker to stroke home the equaliser. After that, he went up a gear, just like Ronaldo and smashed an unstoppable 25 yarder into Alan McGregor's top left hand corner to give Wales a victory they scarcely deserved.

Bitter? No, not really but extremely disillusioned following Scotland. Imagine we had missed out on promotion at the death last season and were now struggling badly in League One. That's the feeling.

As for missing the match last night because of ticket shortages, I was unimpressed to see big gaps in the Cardiff City seating amongst the home fans.  More than 7000 Scots could have been accommodated if the Welsh FA had been more considerate. On reflection, quite a good game to miss and I suspect Belgium on Tuesday will be my last journey for awhile following my national football team.


Anonymous said...

For what its worth Dave, that was never a penalty.

Pembury addick

Dave said...

PA - no, but the Berra-hold before it was!