Friday, 5 October 2012

Anything in the next two aways is a bonus!

A long and difficult trip to the north-west tomorrow to face Blackpool. The Seasiders still have a whiff of the Premier League about them and the personnel to hurt us.

Addick talk in the run up to this match appears to be relying upon a 4-5-1 formation to keep us in the match and a chance of something. I disagree. For me, our side plays defensively with 4-5-1 and invites pressure. When we do look up, we tend not to commit players and go forward as a unit but to go forward looking to pump a hopeful ball up to the one. The extra man in midfield can work at home in matches where we may be pressing but away from home and defending, it can cause players to be less decisive about making challenges or picking opponents up.

I agree with the views that we probably need to defend well and be looking to score two or three ourselves but the set-up for that is 4-4-2. You need the personnel to play like this and the confidence in your back four but we should have both. Midfield is a problem because of Stephens and Hollands but bringing another player in and forcing our lone striker to face two or three defenders is not the way to beat opponents who will be coming at you for most of the match.

Chris Powell has a naturally defensive outlook and I don't expect him to go 4-4-2 and I don't expect us to get anything at Blackpool. Similarly, at the next away game at Elland Road. Perhaps we will have more chance at Leeds playing 4-5-1 but they are going for it at the moment and if we are well beaten on Saturday, we could face a double away defeat.
I salute those who are making the trip this weekend. Blackpool can be "a laugh" but it's a cold, wet and depressing place to be once the alcohol has worn off. Even worse if we have been beaten and left bloodied at the bottom of the table.

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